Simple Meal Planning Ideas to Get Your Healthy Week Started

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Guest article by Savannah Boone

Planning ahead is the best way to start your week on the right foot. When you have time on Sunday before your week starts, carve out a couple of hours to prep meals. We all know that meal prepping can help you save both money and unnecessary calories when you’re not impulse purchasing food or ordering takeout daily. Here are a few meal planning ideas that can help make the process easier and tastier.

Mason Jar Meal Prep

Mason jars are the perfect tool for easy meal prep because when you’re done, it’s easy to throw in the dishwasher for next week. For breakfast, overnight oats are an easy recipe to put together in a mason jar, and if you steer clear of added sugars, can be a healthy addition to your day.

Mason jars are also a great option for soup. Just layer in the ingredients and pour hot water over the mixture when you’re ready to eat! This is a perfect recipe for a cold day in an office environment where you have access to hot water.

Opt for Variety

It can become repetitive quickly when you’re meal prepping for one person. Because it’s difficult to buy variety in fresh ingredients as they go bad before you can eat them, add variety in the non-perishable parts of your meal.

For example, get a few different types of bases to add to the dishes, so you can use the same fresh ingredients for a week without eating the exact same meal. Rotate beans, rice, and noodles as the base with the same fresh ingredients over the top.

Dressings or spices are also a good way to vary the flavor of your dishes. Partition some dressing options into smaller cups that are easier to take along each day. Or, if you have access to a fridge at work, keep a couple of bottles handy to change up your salad or wrap.

Take a Shortcut

When you don’t have time to meal prep, there are several online services that will deliver healthy and affordable meals. While it will cost a bit more than making them yourself, you can get all the variety you desire, delivered right to your door. Look around for a meal delivery service that fits your lifestyle, because there are so many options on the market.

Don’t Overdo It

While it might be tempting to knock out as many meals as possible, you run the risk of contributing to food waste. Try to make no more than five days of food at a time to prevent throwing away meals. Unless you plan to freeze some of your meals, five days will be plenty to get you on the right track.

Consult a Professional

If you are having trouble prepping healthy meals, ask a professional’s opinion. There are various professionals that offer total fitness training, myofascial release therapies, and nutrition counseling as well. Reach out today to create a custom plan to fit your lifestyle and help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

 Simple Meal Planning Ideas to Get Your Healthy Week Started